Hello and Welcome to the Request for Adminship Thread! So, since we are the only Admin in our DelugeRPG wikia, We decided to create this forum to hire trustworthy admins. I need an admin of the following requirements:

  • Must have an account in DelugeRPG
  • Playing and knows much about DelugeRPG
  • Must be at least good in English
  • Knows how to improve and create articles about DelugeRPG
  • Must have an account in Wikia
  • Must be at least good in coding

Just Reply here to Apply for Adminship!

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Originally Posted by Bureaucrat: RedFemaleKnight



- What is your username in DelugePG?


- Do you play and know much about DelugeRPG?


- Do you know how to improve or create articles about DelugeRPG?


- Describe yourself in 3-5 sentences (This is for us to see how good are you in English)


- Are you good in coding?


- Your Signature/Name