The beta is currently closed 

At the time of writing this page, the beta version is located at

Note that the beta will have a lot of broken features. Wait a couple weeks and see if the problem goes away. If not, report on the forums. 

While the beta version can't do anything terrible to your account, its advisable to use a less important account or a new one to try out the beta 

 2013 February Beta 


  •  Use facebook/google/yahoo only for accounts you don't intend to use. Don't use it for your main account on the beta site. (This is because the URL of the beta and the main site are different and its a factor in the authentication process) 
  •  Unova gets two new badges in this beta. If you get them in the beta and then log in on the main site, you will lose those two badges (Yes, you can get them again in the beta or on the main site when its updated. 
  •  Because the points formula is different in this version, your points will not be updated/recalculated during the beta 
  •  You will get low exp in the beta since it meant for testing and not for regular training 

Known Bugs

  •  Other users are not visible on the maps 
  •  Online Users page is empty 
  •  Pokemart buy/sell not working (fixed) 
  •  Rearrange Attacks not working (fixed) 
  •  BW2 gym leaders pokes to be updated 
  •  Maps broken (fixed) 
  •  Evolving may be broken