Note that all commands begin with a '/'. You should be able to type them in any chatroom tab, but if you're afraid you might make typos, you can pm yourself and type the commands in that tab 

In the commands shown here [] are used to indicate that part of the command is optional <> are used to indicate mandatory fields. [] and <> are not part of any of the commands.

Nick Registration 

To register your nick, the command is 

/NS REGISTER <password> <your email address>

If the command is successful, you will receive an email with details to complete the registration. The email will contain a command that will look something like this 

/NS EMAILCODE my_new_nickname H4X0R-DUORD-S3MLO-KY5P9

 Why Register? 

  •  Others won't be able to use your nick 
  •  You will able to message other registered users even when they are offline 
  •  You could create your own chatroom 
  •  Lots of settings you can save if you plan to stay on the chat for a long time 


You will have to identify with NickServ everytime you join. This is similar to a login. The command to do that is 

/NS IDENTIFY [nick] <password>

You can skip the [nick] part if you are already using the name you want to identify to. 

 Changing Password 

/NS SET PASSWD <new password>

 Other NickServ Commands 

To see all supported commands, do 


To get more info on a nickserv command such as SET or LINK 



 Blocking PM 

To block someone 

/SILENCE +<nickname>
Example: /SILENCE +AnnoyingPerson

To unblock 

/SILENCE -<nickname>
Example: /SILENCE -PersonNotAnnoyingAnymore

These settings will be lost when you quit. If you need permanent blocks, you can use /NS SILENCE if you have registered your nickname. See /NS HELP SILENCE for more info and the syntax 

More Commands

Please see these links for pretty much all commands you can use 

and the comands /cs help, /ns help, /ms help, /bs help