Fastest Way to Level Up
 Note: Your Pokemon must be strong.
    Ok let's get started, so u want to mega evolve ur Pokemon fast huh? Well I'll help you in this article. First, use ur starter Pokemon if it's fire then fight the grass type gym, if water then defeat the rock type gym, finally grass type fight the water gym. Ok why defeat it? Cuz u wanna level it up to 100 so u can go on to the next level. 
    Once ur starter Pokemon is level 100, go to Gym > Trainer Battles. After that select VIP Trainers, then select a Pokemon trainer that has a disadvantage of ur pokemon. After that when your selecting first Pokemon to fight, Select the Pokemon u wanna train then let it die after that tag the level 100 Pokemon and rekt those Pokemon after that u will gain 9000+ exp for ur level 100 Pokemon and the selected Pokemon.
    Repeat the same for maybe 6 or 8 times and boom u have another level 100 Pokemon or mega if can Mega Evolve. Well if there's any problems or questions just comment it and I will reply ur question as soon as I can. I hope u enjoyed my first article and I will soon make more articles that will help you. Byeeeeee