Forum rules

  • Forum Rules
    • No flaming other users - treat others with respect
    • No spamming
    • No posting of racist/offensive/pornographic/inappropriate text, links, videos or images
    • Advertising to other sites is permitted, as long as it follows the rules
    • No plagiarism. Get the original author's permission, link to the original work and don't try to pass it as your own
    • No double posting

If you find someone breaking these above rules, use the report -  - function. Or alternatively, contact a moderator.

Breaking any of these rules will get you either a warn or a ban depending on how serious the offense is and the mood of the mod.

Suggestion rules

Refer to this thread:

  • Suggestion Rules
    • If you're making a new thread, don't name it "Idea" or "Suggestion", etc.
    • If it's for the forums put [Forums] in the thread title
    • Don't post stupid suggestions in the suggestion thread
    • If your suggestion gets denied, do not argue
    • Make sure your suggestion is original, use the search function and see if anyone else posted it. This helps if it's already been denied as well

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