Chatroom Staff 


  •  Get familiar with IRC (/helpop, /ns help, /cs help). 
  •  Get a desktop IRC client (something that doesn't require you to use a web portal like or 
  •  Make friends (you're not becoming staff if nobody has heard of you). 
  •  There might be more than one correct answers for the 'what would you do' questions below. 
  •  It is preferred you are older than 15-16 years of age. But we can make exceptions if we think you are mentally mature and responsible enough. 
  •  If you do not know any of the answers, don't apply. Take some time to learn stuff and then apply. 
  •  You must know english. We cannot work with you if we cannot communicate with you. 


  •  Its not fun. Its quite boring work. 
  •  You don't get to ban people because you don't like them. This means you need to be nice to your enemies. 
  •  You get no power/privilege over the game. 


To Apply, you will have to send an email to with the subject 'Staff Application' along with the following details: 

  1.  Your registered nickname in the chat 
  2.  How long you've been in the chat 
  3.  How often you visit the chat 
  4.  Which one are you more active in? #PokemonDeluge or #DelugeInt 
  5.  What country and timezone do you reside in? 
  6.  Do you speak any languages other than english? 
  7.  How familiar are you with the chatroom rules? 
  8.  Are you familiar with IRC and its commands? 
  9.  What IRC client do you use? 
  10.  Are you active in the game or the forums? 
  11.  Why do you want to be chatroom staff? 

Also mention what you would do in the following situations if you were an op: 

  1.  'PersonA' tells you he was hacked by 'PersonB'. 
  2.  A person starts talking in a foreign langauge in #PokemonDeluge. 
  3.  Janitor goes berzerk and starts banning everyone. 
  4.  You need to unban someone and ChanServ isn't around. (meaning no /cs unban or !unban) 
  5.  You need to ban everyone whose name ends in '^' (With one command. Ban, not kick or warn) 
  6.  You need to kick everyone whose name begins with a '[' (With one command. Kick, not ban) 
  7.  You need to ban PersonX, but he hasn't been online since 2 days ago. How do you ban him? 
  8.  Someone is repeatedly evading bans and breaking rules. 

NOTE: Send the email from the email address you used to register your nickname. We can refuse to make you staff for any or no reason. Leave a gap of atleast 3-4 weeks between applications 

 Forum And Game Staff 

We're not looking for any new staff for the forums or the game.