Enabling Live Battle on your account

To enable live battle on your profile

  • Go to Profile -> Your Profile
  • Scroll to 'Your Preferences'
  • Make sure the checkbox saying 'Allow other users to challenge me to a Live Battle' is checked
  • Click 'Save Settings'


  • Enter the username of the person you want to challenge
  • Click 'Challenge Member..'
  • If the person is offline or has not enabled live battle on their profile, you will see an error message
  • If there weren't any problems, it should say that the user was challenged successfully

  • Once the person has accepted the challenge, you should see a notification at the top-right of your screen, clicking on which will take you to the battle

Accepting a Challenge

  • When someone challenges you to a live battle, you will see a notification at the top-right of your screen.

  • You can either click on the link in the notification or go to your profile page
  • Click on 'Accept Challenge' to start the battle


  • When the livebattle page says someone is online, is means they have not loaded any page on the site for atleast 5 minutes
  • The challenger should make any changes to his team before sending the challenge, and the person accepting should make any changes to his team before accepting the challenge.
  • Once the challenge is accepted, no changes can be made in either team
  • Report all bugs at the live battle bug thread
  • Also status on the live battle as to whats working and whats not can be found at Live Battle Status

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