This page will have the current status of Live Battle on DelugeRPG . Will only be listing the problems with it 

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2010 and Early 2011 


A poke dies on one of the participants' teams and remains alive on another. 

Both users wait till the end of time. 

Battle Ailments didn't work 

Mirage pokemon were the same as normal 

Items didn't work 

 After May 16-17 2011 Update 


If you change the page or refresh immediately after you get the notification that the person you challenged has accepted, there is no link or page to start the battle 

Same as the above with receiving a challenge except the challenge can still be accepted at the profile page but there is no notification or indication 

It says 'poke is already poisoned' even when you're trying to poison it for the first time. 


(stuff from here may or may not work) 


Effects of Mirage 

Ghostly's Scares