Do Not Get Phished

Phishing is when someone creates a site or login page to look like that of a legitimate one to get your password. Read Wikipedia's page on phishing to learn more about it.

One basic thing to watch for is to make sure the domain name is (note: we have moved from Here are some examples (those marked green are safe, and those marked red are unsafe).

Note that these are just examples.

Don't Fall For "Cheats"

There are no cheats in the game. If someone tells you they know cheats, they're just trying to get your account by fooling you.

  • If a person does somehow cheat, their account is simply banned; avoid such people.
  • If someone promises to tell you cheats if you give them some Pokémon, don't do it.

Other Kinds Of Scams

  • If you're told to change your email, don't do it. They will use the password retrieval system and have your password sent to the email you changed it to. That email will most likely have been created by them, so they will be able to get your password and steal your account.
  • Never give someone else your password, no matter who they say they are. Administrators will never ask for your password. If one does, be sure to report them.
  • If someone on the forums or in the chat room tells you to download something, do not download it. It could be a virus/spyware that can get your login information. Always have an anti-spyware/anti-virus installed on your PC.
  • There are no tournaments on DelugeRPG. If someone tells you that there is, and to fill out your username and password for it, don't do it. They will use your account information to login to your account, and most likely change the password.

Use A Strong Password

Try to have a hard-to-guess password. We now have a password strength meter when you register or change your password so you can know whether it's good or not. Even if the meter says your password is strong, never use the following as your password:

  • ==names of people around you==
  • your favorite personalities or even phone numbers
  • ones like 123456, qwerty*, asdfgh*
  • Pokémon names
  • "password" (yes, some people do this)

Using phrases or short sentences is a good idea.

Choosing A Strong Password by Gmail Blog  Guidelines for Strong Passwords by Wikipedia

Finally, do not ever use the same password for both your DelugeRPG account and email address account. It is recommended to have a different password for every website you visit, but your email should always have its own unique password.

Remember To Logout

Remember to click logout (at the top right corner) when you're done playing, especially if you're playing from an internet cafe or on someone else's computer. This is because your session may not end when you leave the site. This applies for almost every site that makes you login to access their service.

It is a good habit to clear cookies after browsing from a public computer.

Public Computers And Cyber Cafés

When using a computer that is not yours, make a habit to use the browser's private browsing mode or incognito modeCheck here to learn how to enable private browsing on some popular internet browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer). 

Don't Share Accounts

Sharing accounts is highly frowned upon and an easy way to get scammed. If you share an account, don't be surprised if you can't access it later.

Password Recovery

Supply your real email when you register. If you haven't, go to your profile and add one. People do forget their passwords. Some rely on their browsers to remember their passwords and we all know how computers/applications can crash and lose your data. We do not use your email for anything else, so don't hesitate.

Scam Sites

Sites that promise cheats and free Pokémon are simply trying to take over your account by telling you to change your password or email. Do not do this; there are no cheats in the game.

Note: Please don't enter the chatroom saying that someone "hacked you". Report it to an administrator.


Please install a good anti-virus/anti-spyware on your PC, especially if you're using the Windows Operating System.

Here's a good, free anti-virus you can use. Update it and scan your PC regularly.

If you login from from an internet cafe, and they do not have any sort of protection against viruses and spyware, make them install an anti-virus.

Do not accept files from strangers on IMs (IE: MSN, Yahoo Messenger), or anywhere for that matter, and don't click on any links they give either. They may contain programs that can record your password and send it to them.


You can access DelugeRPG with SSL at