You can share the links to your profile page, trades page etc using these short urls. They're easier to remember and well.. short(er)

Due to issues with the registrar of .vg domains, and there not being any provisions for renewals of .vg domains, we don't know how long our domain will last. We'll be using for now. 


User Related Links

Replace [username] with your username


This links to your profile page. You can also share this with people who don't play, Users don't need to be logged in to see this.


This links to your trades page. You can also specify the type filter. For Example:[username]/trade/shiny

View Pokemon

This links to the page that displays all your pokemon. Like trade, you can also specify a type filter here.

Computer Battle

This will take you to the computer controlled battle against you (Once Live battle is fully functional, we will add a link to it too)

Private Message

Users will be able to message you(in-game) with this link

Other URLs


This will take you to the Pokedex page of the specified pokemon


Just go to and enter your forum discussion url.

More at ShortUrl_Ext