I typed the answer first. Why did someone else get the points?

When you type an answer, the text will display on your screen before it reaches the chat server. That is why it will appear on your screen as if you answered first. People who are only watching the trivia will see the answers in the correct order. 

The bot (Riddler) who is on the chat server, gives points to the person whose answer reaches it first. 

That is the reason you didn't get the points. Because your answer reached the bot later than the other person's answer. 

What can you I about it? Nothing much. It depends on how quick your data can go from your computer to the server. If you use mibbit, this means your computer to mibbit + mibbit to chat server, which can be slower than a direct connection 

Why was I kicked for saying lag/laggg/lagggggggg/lagggggggggggggggg

Because it iss annoying. And the habit has caught on because we didn't do anything about it before. 

Most people do not know whatlag is. And keep messaging us telling us to remove lag from the