IMPORTANT - Before you Unlink

Remember to set a password on your account before you unlink. Go to your DelugeRPG profile page and click 'Change Password' and choose a new password. 


  1.  Click on the arrow beside 'Home' and click Privacy Settings 
  2.  Click 'Edit Settings' under Apps and Websites 
  3.  Under 'Apps you use' click remove and select the DelugeRPG app for removal 


  1.  Click on your name on the top bar and click Account Settings, or go to 
  2.  Select 'Edit' beside 'Authorising applications & sites' 
  3.  Click 'Revoke Access' for the DelugeRPG app 


  1.  Click on your name on the top left corner and select 'Account Info' 
  2.  Under Sign-in and Security click 'Manage Apps and Website Connections' 
  3.  Click 'Remove' for the DelugeRPG App

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